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Estética Facial en Fuenlabrada

En la actualidad la estética dental y facial ayudan a mejorar la imagen general de las personas. Dentro de la medicina estética, cabe destacar que existen tratamientos dirigidos a partes del cuerpo localizadas. Como es el caso de la estética facial. Te contamos en qué consiste la estética facial y peribucal en Fuenlabrada para que puedas conocerla a fondo.

El ácido hialurónico es una molécula presente de forma natural en nuestro organismo. Gracias a estos tratamientos con inyecciones hacemos posible el remodelado y rejuvenecimiento facial con eficacia y seguridad demostradas


Tratamiento de aumento de labios con ácido hialurónico en Fuenlabrada

Son de carácter reversible, realizados principalmente en el tercio inferior facial:

Hemos tenido que adquirir una formación específica y disponer de un un seguro de responsabilidad civil profesional que cubra los posibles efectos adversos de este tipo de tratamientos.

Preguntas más frecuentes

付款後多久可以收到貨品或取貨? When can I receive or pick up the jewelry after payment?

視乎存貨,現貨產品可以即日來店取貨或3個工作天內寄出(物流詳情),而沒有現貨的產品需要 2至3星期製作,如需查詢現貨或加急製作請按此聯絡我們。海外地區送達時間一般為7至35天(國際物流資訊按此)。Depending on the inventory, available products can be picked up at the store on the same day or shipped within 3 working days (shipping details), while products that are not in stock can be produced in 2 to 3 weeks. If you need to inquire about the stock or urgent shipment, please click here to contact us. For overseas (regions outside Hong Kong), delivery time is generally 7 to 35 days (click here for international shipping information)

尺碼不合可以更換嗎? Can the size be changed?

我們可免費更換一次,沒有時限。We can replace it once for free whenever you have the need.

有保養或退換服務嗎? Is there any maintenance or return service?

購自本店的首飾均可享有終身保養 (售後服務詳情按此);收貨日起14天內可無條件替換任何產品 (訂製產品除外);如產品與貨品陳述不相符,本司將回收產品並全額退款,其他情況下恕不退款 (退換政策按此) Products purchased from RAGAZZA enjoy a lifetime maintenance (click here for after-sales service details); any product can be replaced unconditionally within 14 days since the date you received the product (except for customized products); if the product does not match the product description, you can return the product and receive a full refund. However, we do not refund in some cases (click here for the return policy).

莫桑石每粒都一樣嗎? Is every Moissanite the same?

莫桑石每粒都不同。然而,我們把品質(顏色、淨度、切工)控制在極佳的統一水平,所以每粒都幾乎一模一樣 (彩鑽除外)。Every Moissanite is different. However, we exert tight control over the Moissanites’ quality (color, clarity, cut), so each piece is almost exactly the same (except for colored Moissanite).

培育寶石戴久了會朦嗎? Will lab-grown gems become dim after wearing for a long time?

培育寶石永遠不會變朦、內部永遠不會變得混濁,所以任何污積都是純粹的表面,可以通過清潔去除。按此了解清潔方法。Lab-grown gems will never become murky, and the inside will never become turbid, so any dirt you see is on the surface and can be removed by cleaning. Click here for cleaning methods.

莫桑石與鑽石能看得出分別嗎? Can Moissanite be distinguished from diamonds by eyes?

作為熱門的鑽石替代品,它的外觀與鑽石非常相似,肉眼很難分辨。然而,在高倍數的顯微鏡或強烈的射燈下,可以看出莫桑石比鑽石的火彩更強,更為閃爍。鑽石與莫桑石的詳細比較(按此) As a popular diamond substitute, its appearance is very similar to that of diamonds, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. However, under a magnification scope or strong spotlight, it can be seen that Moissanite has greater sparkling than diamonds do. Detailed comparison of diamonds and moissanite (click here).

RAGAZZA莫桑石與其他店有不同嗎? Is RAGAZZA’s Moissanite different from other shops?

寶石有品質之分。我們的莫桑石不論顏色、淨度,還是切工都是市場上的上佳之選,GIA寶石證書亦確保了寶石的真偽。有關本店莫桑石的詳細資料可按此。Our Moissanite is of the highest quality on the market in terms of color, clarity and cut. The GIA certificate also ensures the authenticity of the gemstone. For detailed information about our moissanite, please click here.

如何知道戒指的圈碼? How to know the ring size?

請參看量度方法(按此) Please refer to the measurement methods (click here).

18K金、鉑金、925銀有什麼分別? What is the difference between platinum, 18K gold and 925 silver?




18K white gold (AU750) 18K white gold is made up of 75% precious metal "gold" plus 25% other white metals, making it a silver-white combination. It is a common material for high-end jewelry. 18K gold is characterized by its strength and durability, and is suitable for long-term wear. Platinum (PT950) PT950 is composed of 95% precious metal "Platinum" plus 5% other hard metals. The natural silver white color is extremely durable and will not oxidize, making it the most ideal high-grade material. Platinum is heavy and hard. It is suitable for long-term wear. Sterling Silver (S925) S925 sterling silver is a more common silver-white precious metal. Because it is not very hard and can oxidize easily, other white metals is plated on the surface of pure silver to make it harder to oxidize. However, frequent cleaning is still needed to maintain its shine.

我需要為產品支付稅項嗎? Do I need to pay tax for the product?

港澳地區免稅。其他國家/地區的稅項,將會在包裹送遞至收件人的國家/地區時,由當地的快遞公司通知閣下支付,稅項因應不同國家/地區而不同,詳情請查看收件國家/地區的入口稅務機構的官方網頁。Tax exemption in Hong Kong and Macau. For other countries or regions, taxes will be paid by the receiver when the baggage is delivered by the local courier. Taxes vary from country to country. For details, please refer to the official website of import tax of your designated country or region.